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What is Casual Sex Dating?

Casual dating is so much fun because it provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of a relationship without needing to worry about the responsibilities. I am sure that it would come as a seed surprise to most of my friends that I belong to casual dating websites online. It is almost as if these casual dating sites allow me to live another life. In this life I can be whoever I want to be and satisfy all of my naughtiest fantasies. Whether it’s my family, my friends, or my work colleagues I just feel like I can always express my desires to the fullest.

What I love so much about casual dating is that there is an understanding between all the members of a given site or community. This understanding is that people are there more for the physical side of things than the emotional. At first this reality sort of scared me and made me feel uncomfortable but once you completely embrace it you will find true bliss. You see, the Karen that you might meet during the day is not the Karen I become at night. Casual dating has allowed me to act out all my wildest fantasies in my sex life is amazing.

How To Start Use Free Casual Sex Dating Sites First Time.

When I first started browsing casual sex dating sites I became very intrigued. When it came time to build my profile I didn’t really know what to write. The things people and fantasies I was interested in were not something I was used to speaking about. But, after losing my inhibitions I am happy to say I am a more fulfilled person. The experience of casual sex dating site has taught me to be who I want to be fulfill the desires that I have and love myself more than I ever did in the past. Not to mention the fact that I have met so many cool, interesting, and sexy people. I have been able to explore my curiosities about couples, other women and men I normally would not connect with.


Many people feel that casual dating and casual dating websites are not emotionally healthy. I feel just the opposite because these communities have helped me find who I am and figure out what type of man turns me on. There is not an experience that I feel I have missed out on and when I do settle down I will have no regrets.

Karen is a 25-year-old graduate student in New York City. She was kind enough to give us her thoughts on the casual dating communities she is a part of in the state of New York.

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