5 Free Online Dating Sites

5 Free Online Dating Sites in 2018 (updated), Reviewed

There are a Top of online dating websites out there that advertise their services as free of charge. This obviously appeals to most of us, but here’s something to think about before diving right in and joining one of these purportedly free sites. Many times there are actually hidden terms and fees attached, and the word “free” should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep reading to find out how 5 sites that claim to offer free dating services are actually swindling away all your money.

Site #1: Plenty Of Fish.com

Upon visiting this site, you will be introduced to the founder, Markus, who has designed the most advanced and most accurate matching system out of any online dating site available, and has miraculously made this service free to his site’s users. His home page makes it very tempting to sign up and see what luck you’ll have with finding a match. However, after looking at his terms and conditions page, you may be singing a different tune. On it you will find that to receive all of the available services the site has to offer, you must first become a paying member, and upon establishing a paid membership, your subscription will automatically renew with each pay period. This means that a membership fee, as well as sales and other similar taxes, will be automatically deducted from your account without any notification, and the only way to stop it is to cancel your account, completely.

Site #2: Zoosk.com

With all of its advertisements being broadcast on TV and online, it can be hard to resist all that Zoosk says it has to offer, but don’t be fooled(create zoosk account). The extent of free services they offer end at replying to emails initiated by other members, browsing other members’ profile pictures, and sending “winks” to potential matches. If you want to take your communications with another online dater to the next level, you’ll have to register as a paid member of the site. Additionally, the fees and taxes they charge you with are non-refundable, so if you change your mind you won’t see a penny of it back.

Site #3: Mingle2.com

Sites like Mingle2.com advertise the word “free” all over their site to try and lure you in, when in reality all they are offering you is a free trial or promotion that will eventually come to an end, at which time they will promptly request that you become a paying member of the site. These free trials usually last from a week to a month, which is not ample enough time for most to find chemistry with someone.

Site #4: eHarmony.com

This is Our eharmony site review and we suppose that it’s probably the one of the most popular and most advertised online dating sites today. If you visit their homepage, you will see in big, bold letters that it is free to review your matches. Well, great, but what happens after you’ve reviewed them and want to take the next step? Yep, you guessed it, you have to pay! While this site’s services may seem like a good deal at first glance, you will soon find that the frequent payment installments are becoming more of a burden than being single is.

Site #5: Be Social.com

This is a site that caters specifically to singles in the Houston, Tx. area. On the homepage of BeSocial com, the claim is made that their services are 100% free with no hidden fees, but on their Terms and Membership Agreement page, it clearly states that some of their services do, indeed, cost money. Apparently “100% free” doesn’t mean what it used to. There is even a section on the Terms page for termination of services for non-payment which states, “Where payment is required for a service and we are unable to charge your credit card for any reason, we may discontinue any and all service to you either temporarily or permanently.” This means that they don’t even give you a chance to explain why your card was rejected or make up your payment; they just automatically cancel your account.

So if you are a bit strapped for cash and also on the lookout for love, be cautious when approaching these “free” online dating sites, for they may appear differently than they actually are. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before signing up for an account; that way you don’t get trapped making payments on something you initially didn’t budget for because you thought it wouldn’t cost you a dime.

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