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Debunking “Matching Formulas” that Popular Online Dating Sites Use

Many popular online dating websites today use compatibility tests and matching formulas to help their clients find their perfect match. Upon signing up for a site such as eHarmony, users are directed to fill out an in-depth questionnaire reminiscent of a job application. But do these so-called “scientific compatibility tests” really work or are they just simply another gimmick to get people’s money? Extensive data on the psychological demographic of an online dating site’s viewers certainly comes in handy while trying to convert them from a free user to a subscribed and paying customer, especially in an industry where 90% …Continue Reading


Does Lying on Your Online Dating Profile Help or Hinder Your Chances of Finding True Love?

When filling out an online dating profile, it can be easy to stretch the truth about things like your height, age, and weight, but are you really cheating yourself out of finding a great potential match? We’ve compiled a few of the most common lies told on to see if they actually help or hurt your chances of getting a date. Read on to find out if your fibs are worth the effort. Lie #1: Making yourself taller than you really are According to, people are actually about 2 inches shorter in real life than they say they …Continue Reading


5 Purportedly Free Online Dating Sites, Reviewed

There are a lot of online dating websites out there that advertise their services as free of charge. This obviously appeals to most of us, but here’s something to think about before diving right in and joining one of these purportedly free sites. Many times there are actually hidden terms and fees attached, and the word “free” should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep reading to find out how 5 sites that claim to offer free dating services are actually swindling away all your money. Free Site #1: Plenty Of Upon visiting this site, you will be …Continue Reading


Online Dating Romance Scams: Exposing the Problem and Tips to Protect Yourself

Many people who have turned to the internet to find love or a meaningful relationship have had great success in doing so. With that being said, there have also been a number of unlucky singles who have joined an online dating website and have fallen victim to identity theft and romance scams. The truth of the matter is that these sites are targeted by scammers who pose as potential suitors, earn your trust, and then proceed to steal the contents of your bank account. According to a recent study, over 5,000 scams were reported in 2010 with over $15 million …Continue Reading


4 Online Dating Stereotypes: Shattered!

Many people today are skeptical of all the online dating websites out there, and it is easy to see why. We’ve all heard our family members’ horror stories about falling victim to identity theft because of an online dating scam, not to mention your girlfriend’s troubling experience of meeting someone who turned out to be more of a frog than a prince charming. Then there are those of us who associate the practice of online dating with so-called “nerds” who can’t get a date any other way. While this can be true, it is important to look past these stereotypes …Continue Reading